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Truecaller, which you can find on happymod, is a call management and contacts management application famous in the West that allows you to search for telephone numbers (both local and worldwide), block spam (e.g. telemarketers) and identify incoming calls (so you can find out in real time, that is, immediately on the device screen, who is calling us, despite the fact that we do not have the number in our address book on the device). It is integrated with the famous Yelp service for faster business search results. In addition, you can tweet and follow Twitter entries from its interface. The strength and weakness of Truecaller from happymod reside in its database of over 250 million users. They report spam numbers, but also add their accounts and contacts.



The initial Truecaller screen is the registration screen. Registration is required, and for this we have to provide our phone number - however, the application should "enter" this information itself, so we only need to approve the form details. (We must be connected to the internet). Our phone number will become our Truecaller ID. At the same time, we will be able to back up the data and keep a list of blocked numbers, which will be useful when changing the phone. A 3-digit code for verification of this number will be sent via SMS to the provided number. The last stage of the registration process is choosing the method of connecting to the website - we can create a profile using an e-mail address or via social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. The more accounts you have linked, the better Truecaller will recognize callers. (We can also combine accounts and update our data and contacts later).



The speed and efficiency of carrying out these tasks should be considered the biggest advantages of Truecaller. When you want to find out who is trying to start a conversation, the system checks the presence of the sender's data in a database integrated with Yelp. A rich set of information on cell owners helps you get through the process very quickly. Thanks to this, you immediately know the identity of the person on the other side of the handset or know where he is.



It is worth noting that the Truecaller application from happymod can search for numbers even in the absence of the caller ID. In addition, the program has some additional features that turn out to be extremely useful. These include the option to record voice calls. Before answering the call, a special button appears on the screen - when you use it, you start recording sound. You also have a mechanism for backing up contacts stored in the phone's memory.



After switching to the correct Truecaller interface, we will find out, among others about the option of recognizing (identifying) our past telephone contacts. We can block unknown numbers (separately for SMS and calls); find out about people we can potentially know (based on mutual friends), thanks to which he can not only warn us about unwanted numbers, but also recommend and suggest new contacts based on mutual friends. Additionally, if a number is not marked as spam and we have doubts about it, we can search for it manually and dispel or confirm our doubts.



Truecaller never forwards our contacts to make them searchable or published to third parties. In the application settings, as well as when registering, we can choose the degree of availability of our own data: "everyone", "friends of friends" or "only on request". Download Truecaller APK for Android from happymod!